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Please fill out the form below with an estimated dollar amount for each associated expense in order to determine your potential tax savings when enrolled in your company's Flexible Spending Account program.

For details on other FSA eligible expenses please click here.
Estimated Health Care Expenses
Health Insurance Deductible(s) $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Co-Insurance and Co-Pays $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Vision Care (contacts, glasses, etc) $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Prescription/Over-the-Counter Drugs $ Spin UpSpin Down  
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Estimated Dependent Care Expenses
Babysitters/Daycare Centers/Nursery School $ Spin UpSpin Down  
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Elder Care $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Estimated Individual Premium Expenses
Non-Employer Sponsored Health premiums*
(i.e., Dental, Vision and Accident policies)
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*The cost for an individual's health insurance policy
(i.e., coverage for hospital, doctor and diagnostic services) is not eligible.
Estimated Adoption Expenses
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Court Costs $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Attorney's Fees $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Travel Expenses $ Spin UpSpin Down  
Yearly Pay Cycle
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